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We' ve brought the best of Motocross technology to kids clothing


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It started with baby steps, when our founder’s oldest daughter Chloe was 10 months old, Chloe did what most children her age do: she fell, a lot!

 Chloe’s mom Sandra Aris remembered reading that young children fall an average of 17 times per hour while learning to walk.

Can you imagine falling 17 times per hour? You’d get discouraged fast. 

Sandra knew that the age at which children achieve milestones is associated with later success in life. She wanted to help Chloe—not to overprotect her or make life too easy for her—but rather to instill confidence, boost resilience, and promote independence.

It just so happened that Sandra was an experienced clothing designer who specialized in sports protective gear. From motocross pants to motorcycle jackets, ski helmets and more, Sandra spent every day applying her passion for design into protecting athletes. She utilized best-in-class technologies and tapped into the latest innovations in materials and manufacturing.

Sandra started to wonder if the gear that empowered top athletes to keep getting up over and over again could help little Chloe expand her world.

Then something happened that took Sandra from wondering to doing. 


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Sandra had the extraordinary opportunity to listen to Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai give a talk. Malala was famously shot by the Taliban for attending school and being an activist. During her talk, Malala revealed that when she arrived in London, her most sticking observation was that western women were trying to be men.

This thought rocked Sandra to her core. She wanted something different. As a mother of a daughter— three daughters, she wanted to raise her girls to be brave, confident, and independent. In short, she wanted to raise them to be like Malala.

Freshly inspired, Sandra got to work. She had a clear vision: Change the way we think about kids’ clothing. Give kids the advantage of confidence and resilience. Boost motor skills. And along the way, partner with other women and empower them to pursue their dreams and aim for financial independence. Her first step was to create 3D padded toddler pants.

Sandra and her team are relentlessly and fiercely focused on quality, safety, and innovation. And let’s not forget fashion. Sandra says: “I’m originally from France and I wouldn’t be caught dead in an ugly sweater, so I always apply my high fashion standards to the clothing we make.”

Today, the team is growing rapidly—and, thanks to Sandra Aris' clothing collection, they’re helping kids grow rapidly toward important milestones.


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