When learning to walk

When learning to walk, most kids stumble and fall from time to time, but some toddlers fall more than others. Falling is a normal part of learning to walk and getting used to balancing body weight, but toddlers can become discouraged and not want to get back up again or get seriously injured while falling. Following energetic toddlers around as they run and explore can be tiresome and unpractical for parents, but the fear of having them get hurt or becoming unenthusiastic about walking can be worse than trying to keep up. Rather than feeling like bubble wrap and constant hovering are the only options, Sandra Aris created protective pants for kids that encourage exploration and keep injuries from holding them back. 

Sandra Aris pants are available for babies and toddlers from as young as six months to three years old. There are two fun, stylish designs – “Super Star” features constellations and different stars within the solar system and “La Vie En Rose” has colorful, kid-approved pink flamingos surrounded by plants. Each pair is made with machine-washable, natural cotton fabric that is both durable and recyclable. 


About Sandra Aris

Sandra Aris, mom and entrepreneur, creates protective clothing for children six months to three years old to help encourage confidence and resilience while developing crucial skills such as walking and running. After years working for and designing clothing at motor-cross and athletic gear companies, Sandra wanted to use her expertise to create a product that can stop parents from becoming overprotective and provide kids with the comfort they need to explore. Although you can’t bubble-wrap kids while they learn to walk, you can cushion the fall.


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