Tips to Get Every Bunny Involved in Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are not only a fun way to celebrate the spring holiday but are a great activity to get kids of all ages outside and running around. However, it can be difficult to plan an epic Easter egg hunt that isn’t too hard for a 2-year-old, but too easy for a 7-year-old. Hosting separate Easter egg hunts is time consuming, but a mixed age group hunt can result in younger kids getting trampled, and a holiday meltdown.


  1. Color code

 If you know the range of ages that will be attending your Easter egg hunt, an easy way to ensure all age groups have an equal chance is to color code the eggs every group will be finding. This can make it easy to stay organized, and ensure the babies, toddlers and younger kids are able to get their share of Easter eggs!

  1. Set boundaries

 Depending on the amount of space kids will have to run around and look for eggs, it might be a good idea to set boundaries for where certain ages should be looking for eggs. This way the older kids and stumbling toddlers don’t run into each other and have a holiday meltdown. If you have enough adult supervision available you can even use the front and back yards for more space.

  1. Gear up the younger ones

 For kids just learning to walk and crawl, heading outside can be dangerous. Different terrain and an unexplored environment means they might be moving at the speed of light, exploring a new place. Ensure they’re wearing shoes that are made for them to explore outdoors, and if they’re still wobbly or crawling, invest in padded pants. Sandra Aris creates padded pants for babies and toddlers with knee and butt pads to protect them from falls.

  1. Get them hopping

 Younger kids still working on their mobility skills tend to be a lot slower than older children. A fun way to make the Easter egg hunt a little more fair is to have the older kids hop like a bunny, rather than walking, to find the eggs. Not only will this give the younger kids time to catch up, but everyone is sure to get a laugh and have a great time watching each other hop around like a bunny with their basket of eggs!


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