Tips for Traveling With Young Kids by Sandra Aris

Spring break is here, and many families are itching to get out of the house and take time for a fun and relaxing experience together. But while the destination might be full of activities that keep everyone occupied, the journey to get there can be a pain. For families traveling with young children, many for the first time, the travel experience can be much more difficult and stressful with countless meltdowns and a nightmare trip.

1. Pack what you need, not the entire playroom

Packing for a trip is already stressful enough trying to make sure you brought the right clothes, but keeping track of your child’s entire playroom that you’ve crammed into a suitcase will only make things worse. Parents should pack a few entertainment necessities. Whether it’s the iPad, fidget toy, or doll. Focus on a few items that can occupy them for an extended period of time.

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2. Make snacks a priority

There’s nothing worse than a hangry toddler. Whether your flight was delayed for the hundredth time, or the family hiking trip turned is now trying to figure out how to get back to camp for hours on end, packing snacks is a great way to keep the arguments to a minimum. Rather than being stuck buying overpriced airport food, heading to the store ahead of time and taking a variety of snacks is sure to keep everyone happy and quiet.

3. Plan your days in advance

With kids, you can’t always go with the flow. Planning each day of the trip ahead of time with activities will keep them busy and wear them out. Rather than worrying about finding a hotel room, rental car, or tour group to join the week before, taking the time to plan each day in advance can make things simple and help you enjoy your vacation. If kids have a structured plan to follow, they’re less likely to repeat the infamous “I’m bored”!

4. Bring clothes that can be worn for multiple occasions

Taking a few outfits that can be worn on multiple occasions can save you from a mountain of laundry when you get home. Comfortable shoes that offer good support during a full day of walking but also out to eat at night, a jacket that can be tied around their waist during the day but used to stay warm at night, and clothes for babies and toddlers that are durable. Sandra Aris creates the perfect travel pants for kids with built-in 3D padded technology on the butt and knees to protect kids from falls, but still stylish.

5. Leave plenty of time

Every parent knows that trying to head out the door on time is a nightmare. There’s always some sort of last-minute rushing around that leaves you 30 minutes behind schedule. Something like missing your flight is a disaster, so making sure to leave plenty of time to get everyone ready or prepare the night before can help prevent a lot of arguments and disappointment.

Remember that traveling with kids is fantastic in many ways. Enjoy every moment together and use it to build memories to help them adapt, adjust and learn something new. If you have fun, your child will too! It can be rough at times, but traveling is a priceless gift that can create a lifetime of memories.

Written by Sandra Aris, CEO of Sandra Aris

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