The Very Best Baby Shower Gifts – the Ones Moms Really Appreciate and Use!

Protecting children is a second career for parents that involves countless amounts of overtime and outrageous hours that make it overwhelming. For parents of new walkers and crawlers especially, the fear of getting hurt when they fall (a lot) is enough to make anyone go crazy.  So check out these adorable Sandra Aris Padded Crawing Pants to help ease your mind!

Sandra Aris is a leader in the baby safety movement. The product is as simple as a pair of pants, with the ultimate baby protectors inside. 

These pants are made with protective 3D padded technology in the butt and knees, inspired by the protective materials used in motorbike and ski apparel, jackets, gloves, and helmets.

The design absorbs the shock from falls and gives toddlers and babies a boost to get back up.


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