The Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas For New Parents: Top Picks of 2022

We are all well aware that there are a lot more gift ideas for baby girls than baby boys. Fortunately, this disbalance in product choices for a baby shower gift, newborn gifts, a nice christening gift or first birthdays gift is changing. More and more unique gift ideas suitable for boys are emerging and make their mark in their quality and variety.

Here are some truly amazing unique baby gifts for boys. I’ve done the research and dug into the companies that bring new technologies and wats they’re doing business that are family-friendly. Make your own opinions, yet here’s mine.

baby boy in blue knit romper
Gift ideas for baby boys are abundant. You just need to look for them!

Perfect Baby Boy Gifts

The description of a “perfect baby gift” cannot be ultimate. So many families, so many needs, tastes and even family traditions that play into a practical gift for a new baby.

However there are a few products in each baby product categories that any family would be thankful for. The reason is such products are in high demand to organize a comfortable lifestyle for new parents after the baby is born. Here’s a quick list of such perfect gifts that any family needs.

This short list includes the products for a newborn boy and through the baby’s first four years of life.

Feldman brothers boys romper
Playing with his favorite toy in the coziest romper ever!

Gift Guides for Coolest Baby Boy Things

Diaper bag essentials – consider bright colors even for a baby boy, as parents go away from the gender neutral gifts.

Bath time essentials – opt for high quality gifts here. More and more new moms and dads choose baby products that contain non-toxic ingredients and are safe for the baby’s development. Again, choose lots of colors to make a bathing routine a happy time.

Baby gear – if you can coordinate with new parents or a family member who knows the needs and wants of the future parents, go for high quality gifts in this category. Why? Because the products within this group will be used for a long time, and probably on frequently or the daily basis.

Toys for baby-boys are super vital as child development experts chime in. Educational toys begin from the crib. Offering your baby bright colors, toys with sounds and different textures, boosts your baby’s senses, hand-eye coordination, and builds his foundation for independent living. Believe it or not, it’s true as many clinical studies point out.1 Choosing a simple toy like a dump truck, plush toy, pull toy or a techy play mat with all bells and whistles can easily fall into the best baby gifts category that will get a lot of use!

Baby boy clothes are some of the best gifts when they’re given with a bit of baby growth in mind! Choose from clothes staples like blankets and baby bibs, and venture into high quality baby and toddler fashions. Just know the parents and what they want for their baby-boy.

baby boy in grey cardigan with hoodie
Baby boy clothes are important for many reasons!
You see a baby dressed in a cardigan with a hoodie by Feltman Brothers.

Baby Gear Products For A Little Guy

A premium stroller is a must-have! It would be a great gift for a newborn baby boy from the safety and comfort points of view. And as for parents, modern strollers are uniquely designed to serve as car seats as well. When a stroller is easy to maneuver, fold and transport, it takes away the unnecessary stress on moms and dads when using such gear items.

Here are some strollers that make amazingly thoughtful gifts, and more affordable to own them, for parents.

– UPPAbaby Stroller, get it HERE
– Kolcraft lightweight self-standing stroller, with trays and adjustable 5-point safety harness buy it HERE
– 3Dlite compact stroller with 4-position recline, extra storage and very light, check it out HERE
– Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 stroller wagon is a perfect gift for a toddler. Allows a parent to easily transform this wagon from push-a-stroller to pull-a-wagon mode. Could be a gift for a child’s first birthday! Shop for color options HERE.

Elegant Baby Boy And Toddler Fashions Gift Ideas

I really appreciate those brands that offer a classic approach to baby’s clothes with a modern twist in fabrics and colors schemes. Feltman Brothers is a brand that is known for their unique approach to a child’s clothing. Every detail, every baby or toddler outfit has been designed to make this baby look beautiful.

baby boy in knit cardigan
Baby-boy in knit cardigan with hoodie by Feltman Brothers

You can explore Feltman Brothers collection on their website or on Amazon. Choose from baby clothes for a baby boy or a little girl. They’ve got rich collections for babies and toddlers to attend birthdays, weddings, special family celebrations alongside with you!

toddler boy knit romper
Toddler boy in knit romper by Feltman Brothers

I would like for you to see what they say about their exquisitely designed and sewed clothes for babies.

Feltman Brothers designs reflect the elegance of vintage styling for children from newborn through toddler, including babies’ take-home attire, layette needs, sacred occasion gowns and accessories, and special occasion wear. Feltman Brothers’ use of embroidery is a skilled craft and trade, one that Philippine mothers pass down to their daughters, working on machines that are almost 100 years old.

Which parent wouldn’t want a set or two or three of these high quality baby boy clothes?

Baby-boy in a knit romper by Feltman Brothers

Without doubt, Feltman Brothers baby and toddler clothes make a huge statement in how we treat this little guy from his early stages of life. Besides, the quality of each piece is an eloquent demonstration of how this brand attracts more and more new customers each year.

Best Baby Boy Clothes With High UPF and UVA/UVB Ratings

Did you know that babies are super sensitive to the sun light and need extra protection? Adding the Coolibar clothes to the baby’s wardrobe would be the best gifts you can ever give. These clothes will protect the baby’s skin and support body temperature regulation like nothing else out there.

baby boy clothes with UPF 50
UPF 50+ baby-boy clothes

Coolibar UPF Fabric Features

 All Coolibar fabrics have been approved as an effective UV protectant for covered areas. Coolibar is the first clothing company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

– Coolibar fabrics have been tested before being approved for clothing of any kind. In addition, the UPF sun protection will never wash out!

– Your baby-boy will be wearing breathable, quick-dry UPF 50+ fabric which is chlorine and saltwater resistant.

coolibar baby lumaleo bodysuit ups 50
Coolibar baby-boy bodysuit comes in many colors and sizes

Would you like to take home an amazing mom-and-son gift set? A winner will receive a Coolibar shapeable poolside hat plus any of the following baby-boy products. It’s up to you what to choose for your little guy. Whether it’s gonna be a cozy blanket made of soft fabric with UPF protection or a set of baby leggings, swimsuit or baby hat. Without doubt, these unique gifts would make mom and son smile!

High Quality Gift Ideas With Sun Protection

Begin protecting your baby’s skin and overall well-being starting from the very beginning in his first year of life!

baby boy cozy blanket upf 50
Sun protection made easy with Coolibar UPF 50+ baby clothes
  • Savannah Sun Baby Blanket UPF 50+, buy it HERE
  • Coolibar Baby Batibou Sun Blanket UPF 50+, explore sizes and colors HERE
  • Baby Flipper 360 Coverage Swimsuit UPF 50+, choose your colors HERE
  • Need a gift to protect little guy’s head? Choose Baby Linden Sun Bucket Hat UPF 50+, buy it HERE
  • Baby LumaLeo 360 Coverage Bodysuit UPF 50+, get it HERE
  • Made with organic cotton and viscose from bamboo, here’s a Baby LumaLeo Bodysuit UPF 50+ HERE
  • To match the bodysuit above, choose a pair of Baby LumaLeo Leggings UPF 50+ from HERE
  • With a fold over cuff, your baby will get extra protection from the sun in this cool Baby LumaLeo Long Sleeve T-Shirt UPF 50+, buy it HERE
  • Put on this softest and sun-blocking hat on your baby! Cutest Baby Fauna Critter Hat UPF 50+, buy it HERE
Cozy and elegant clothes for baby-boys and toddlers

Gift Ideas With Sustainable And Non-Toxic Ingredients

When you are looking for a baby gift with quality and non-toxic ingredients, then keep in mind Tiny Roots. It is one of those companies that has impeccable baby and toddler clothes, accessories and things for nursery made with breathable bamboo viscose. In addition, each and every design on Tiny Roots merchandize is created by an artist in watercolors, then scanned and created as a one-fo-a-kind print.

tiny roots bamboo blanket
Bamboo viscose is breathable and baby-skin friendly

Just take a look at this baby blanket! It is a gorgeous canopy with lots of colors and made of soft fabric, too. What a soft touch against baby’s skin it would be! Consider Tiny Roots for your baby boy gifting ideas. 

baby boy bamboo blanket
Each Tiny Roots blanket is designed with unique watercolor drawing scanned, and then printed onto the fabric.

Yet another cozy baby blanket comes from Baby Starters. You can find a wide variety of nursery items, bath time gifts and bed time pajamas galore! 

baby starters plush blanket
Soft and cuddly blanket for a baby-boy gift idea by Baby Starters.
This gift set for a newborn boy includes a plush baby blanket and a snuggle buddy toy rattle.

Toddler Pants With Protective Padding

When it comes to exploration of the space around you, these baby and toddler-boy pants are a must-have!

With 3D padded technology used in motocross and skiing, Sandra Aris has created stylish pants for your toddler to explore things around him. There’s no denying a fact that allowing your child to explore on their own is a vital way to learn and grow up. But with these padded pants, your child is protected from bumps and extra bruises.

Head over to grab a very useful gift for any parents and their babes and toddlers HERE.

baby boy padded pants
Sandra Aris 3D Padded Pants
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