Springtime Safety Tips By: Sandra Aris

Parents don’t need to bubble wrap their kids to keep them safe during the spring

Published: February 19, 2022
By: Sandra Aris

As the days get longer and weather starts heating back up, kids are excited to release their pent-up winter energy during the spring. Riding bikes with friends, playing sports, hitting the trails with family, and spending more time outdoors is something even younger kids look forward to. But as they head outside more, they become more prone to common springtime injuries and accidents, especially babies and toddlers just learning to walk and crawl. However, parents don’t have to bubble wrap their kids to keep them safe during the spring.

Make sure they don’t skip their gear

Helmets, knee pads and elbow pads aren’t meant to make kids look funny, even though that’s what they may believe. This protective gear can actually help prevent serious injuries and accidents. Riding a bike, roller skating, skateboarding, etc. are all activities where kids should be wearing this equipment. Head injuries are common in children, and they’re more prone to falling. Helmets and protective pads can keep some of the most vulnerable areas of their bodies safe from fractures and other injuries.

Repel bugs

Spending more time outdoors means the potential for bug bites. And while these may seem like a harmless nuisance, there are millions of people that are severely allergic to different bug bites and stings. Whether it’s a balm, spray, or cream they put on, make this a step before they leave the house. And just like sunscreen, kids should be reapplying as needed. Bug bites pose the risk of contracting a serious illness or disease, so not only are parents stopping kids from itching like crazy, but they’re also keeping them healthy,

Springtime clothes and shoes

Kids are likely to be running around in the spring, so they’ll need clothes and shoes to match their active lifestyle. It’s likely that jeans and a nice sweater won’t cut it, and their flimsy summer flip flops from last year aren’t enough protection for their feet. Parents should be sure to update their kids’ wardrobe with t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and sneakers so they can run and play confidently. And for younger kids that are just learning to walk and crawl, parents should invest in protective clothing. Sandra Aris creates pants for kids with pads integrated in the knee and butt areas that protect them from bumps and bruises and help them get back up after they fall.

Make sure they get some down time

Every parent knows that extended outside playtime can get hectic quickly. By helping kids take a minute to collect themselves and their thoughts, decide what activity they want to do next, and relax for a few minutes, they can keep things from getting out of control. This is also a perfect time for snacks, drinking water, and talking to kids about the new adventures they’re having outside, and even get in on the action yourself! Down time can help parents connect with kids and even suggest other fun activities for them to do.

Sandra Aris, mom and entrepreneur, creates protective clothing for children to help encourage confidence and resilience. After years working for and designing clothing at motor-cross and athletic gear companies, Sandra wanted to use her expertise to create a product that can stop parents from becoming overprotective and provide kids with the comfort they need to explore. Learn more about her protective products for kids at www.sandraaris.com/.


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