Sandra Aris Pants Protects Active Babies & Toddlers

When learning to walk, kids stumble and fall from time to time. While falling is a normal part of learning to walk and balancing body weight, some toddlers can become discouraged or get injured while falling.

As a solution, Sandra Aris created protective pants for kids, that encourage exploration and keep injuries from holding them back.

“I didn’t want to be a helicopter mom that controlled every aspect of my kids’ lives and didn’t let them explore or play,” said Sandra Aris, Founder and CEO. “I created these pants to give parents peace of mind while their toddlers were learning to explore, while still encouraging kids to get back up after falling and try again.”

The pants are made with protective 3D padded technology in the butt and knees inspired by the protective materials used in motorbike and ski apparel, jackets, gloves and helmets.

The design absorbs the shock from falls and gives toddlers a boost to get back up. Even after hundreds of falls, the material does not fatigue, giving it the ability to last for years (and through multiple kids).

The padded layer of mesh is fully breathable, allowing little ones to be comfortable and play all day long without having moisture or heat build-up. Lead-free, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that provides babies and toddlers with the protection that need without getting in the way of their busy day.

Available for babies and toddlers six months to three years old in two fun, stylish designs – “Super Star” features constellations and different stars within the solar system and “La Vie En Rose” has colorful, kid-approved pink flamingos surrounded by plants.

Each pair is made with machine-washable, natural cotton fabric that is both durable and recyclable.

Sandra Aris pants are available for purchase online and on Amazon.

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