Sandra Aris Baby Protective Pants

Being a new aunt is one of the greatest gifts in the world that is until Covid robs you from being a part of your new nephew’s life. Which is what has happened with me being able to meet my niece Meghan’s new son who was born in December.

sandra aris padded protective pants with knee pads and butt pad

That doesn’t mean I can’t pamper Meghan and the baby by sending them Gifts every week. Including Sandra Aris pants in the Super Star. Because the other day the baby was trying to crawl, and the baby will always be protected no, matter what type of crawler he is.

I also sent Meghan a note because I knew like all new parents, she would be excited to learn what characteristics her son would have. Including eye color and hair type and his height. What most parents don’t think about until it happens is what type of crawler the baby will be.

There is bear crawlers that walk on all four with unbent arms and legs, leapfroggers that thrust themselves forward, and even army crawlers who look like they’re dragging their body along. Depending on the type of crawl the baby does, he will be prone to getting injuries on his hands, knees, stomach, or other places on their body without proper protection.

Even though Charlie is now 14 I reminded Meghan Charlie used to like to crawl like a leapfroggers and Charlie ended up with sore knees and I wanted to make sure her baby was protected at all times. Meghan tried the pants on, and they fit perfectly.

She has used them both at home and when out and about. Meghan says the pants will not slide when he is crawling. The pants are dressy enough to wear to Church or out to dinner. Once Meghan’s mom saw the pants and Meghan explained how they protect the baby when crawling she said she is going to order a couple pairs for her house when she is babysitting.

Before I sent the pants to Meghan, I did show them to my mother-in-law, and she is wanting to order both a pair for a boy and a girl for my other niece Payton as well as a few pair for her Gift closet for anyone having a new baby. Which in our family could be any time?

Those first wobbly baby and toddler steps are actually some of the most impressive things you’ll ever witness as a parent/ grandparent. There wobbling won’t last forever. Then you won’t be able to protect them from everything. That’s right, you’ll have to let some bumps and bruises happen, but if you want to lessen the amount you might consider purchasing these baby protective pants.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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