Outfitting Your Adventurous Petite Toddler

These pants are great for crawlers to young toddlers. They are lightweight, easy to move in, and have just enough padding to keep some of the common play bumps and bruises at bay. The material is a durable legging type material and should stand up to loads of indoor play and outdoor play on non-abrasive surfaces. I would happily pair these with the Reima softshell pant for some outdoor play when its cool or you need some added protection. You can also easily get a baselayer underneath.

The padded pants utilize 3D mesh in the knees and butt to provide a little cushion, but not so much that it is difficult to move around. I do wish that the ankle cuff had a little elastic in it so we didn’t have to roll it up, but otherwise these are great if you are looking to add just a little cushion. I would not use these as a replacement for knee pads when biking, etc.

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