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About Sandra Aris

Founder Sandra Aris was inspired by the people around her, by all the parents wanting the best for their little ones. Their protective toddler pants have pads on the knees and on the butt to make every fall a little easier. Learning how to walk does not have to be so painful and they are happy to be here to help.
padded pants

Padded Pants

Watching your baby take their first steps can be an amazing experience. You might not always feel like they are safe, but these wobbling movements will last just about as long as it takes for them to learn how and what not do with all of those new muscles! For protection against bumps in the road ahead make sure you purchase some protective pants. These toddler pants have pads on the knees and on the butt which provide comfort against the bumps of learning to walk.
padded pants roundup
As you can see, Miss Laurel loves her padded pants. She says she can “boink” down the stairs and it doesn’t hurt.


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