How To Shop For Baby Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes can be fun, but to be practical there are some things to consider when buying baby clothes that fit, last, and are comfy for the baby.  Click through NOW to learn more....

Having a baby is one of the most precious gifts in your life. After all, it’s exciting just thinking who you’re new bundle of joy will look like.

Plus, it’s also fun to shop for baby items too!

If a family member or a friend is expecting a baby and you’re thinking of getting a little something for their                  little one, one of the best gifts to give are baby clothes. They outgrow them SO FAST!

Getting them baby clothes for their baby can definitely help and there are some so very cute and practical clothes to choose from.


However, with so many brands, styles, and even fabric choices available, it can also be overwhelming to choose what newborn baby clothes boy or girl. If you start checking for advice online or ask your parents, friends, and other people, the amount of information you’ll get may become overwhelming!

To make buying baby clothes more enjoyable, here are important factors you should consider.

What To Look For When Buying Baby Clothes

The Fabric

Once you hear the news that a precious little one is on its way to join the family, you can’t help but imagine dressing him or her in the brightest, cutest, and trendiest outfit possible.

But, there are times when these pieces are more expensive than even adult clothes. Plus, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean the fabric is high quality.

Babies, especially newborns, have very sensitive skin. Some may even develop rashes and skin irritations if the fabric isn’t ideal.

When buying clothes, consider buying pieces made of cotton (especially if it’s organic cotton). These fabrics are made with materials that are derived from nature or natural resources.

Also, avoid buying clothes which are brightly colored as they may contain fluorescent agents. Check if they also contain polyester and nylon as they can cause skin sensitivity and even discomfort as they take up moisture and regulate the baby’s body temperature.

The Size

Buying clothes that end up being too small for the baby, no matter how cute it is, may be a hassle. The exchange can cause a lot of trouble depending where you purchased it.

When shopping for clothes, make sure that they are going to fit the baby right.

Getting the appropriate size is not only comfortable for the baby: It also allows them to move easily.

If you’re unsure of which size fits the little one, a lot of clothes have standard measurements to guide you.

The Functionality

When getting baby clothes, you should also consider the style and functionality.

Since newborns typically spend their days sleeping, pick something comfortable for them to wear like a onesie, a bodysuit, a sleep sack or a sleeping gown. Pick a style that is easy to put on and to take off.

If the parents choose to hold off finding out the baby’s gender (surprise, surprise!) until birth, you can also pick out some gender-neutral palette clothing. A lot of brands have unisex baby clothes which are ideal for girls and boys.

Also, choose clothes that are easy to wash and can last for many washes. Since babies change their outfits several times a day, get some pieces that don’t require extra TLC when being washed.

What about those crawlers or little ones learning to walk? These are our fav for those:

Sandra Aris Crawling Pants for Babies & Toddlers

Encourage them to walk and show them falling is ok and they can get back up and keep going!

If you’re looking for a brand that fits the above categories, making it a lot easier for you to start shopping, why don’t you take a look at PatPat?


PatPat is a children and family fashion brand that carries everything: From newborn’s onesies to a child’s Sunday’s Best – even adult clothes (I have bought from all categories and love the quality and the prices can’t be beat!). They have a lot of designs to choose from depending on the season, the age of the wearer, and the design you’re after.

Plus, their clothes are so cute and they won’t break the bank.

Here are some of the pieces that we love!

Baby Heathered 3D Rabbit Ears Hooded Long-sleeve Jumpsuit


PAW Patrol Little Girl Christmas Cotton Bodysuit and Allover Pants


Solid Hooded 3D Bear Design Long-sleeve Baby Jumpsuit


2-Piece Baby Cartoon Rabbit Print Long-sleeve Waffle Pullover and Striped Trousers Set


Baby Girl Cartoon Elephant and Letter Print Long-sleeve Ruffle Faux-two Jumpsuit


Baby Cartoon Dinosaur Print Cotton Long-sleeve Hooded Zip Jumpsuit


Baby Boy All Over Animal Bear and Tree Print Sleeveless Overalls Jumpsuit


Baby Boy Solid Overalls


Ribbed Solid Long-sleeve Baby Jumpsuit


When it comes to getting clothes for the little one, expensive doesn’t mean it’s ideal.  Since it’s for the baby’s sensitive skin, make sure to get the best fabric which can make them feel comfortable and move freely.

What’s the best baby purchase you’ve made?


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