How Do I Keep My Family Happy During Major Travel Delays?

The mom who has traveled extensively with her kids says…

“Play games or activities that don’t require you to pack something extra, and pick things that people of every age can play so no one is left out.

Ideas include the Letter Game: Someone sings the alphabet in their head and when a person says “stop,” they say the letter out loud and everyone has to think of a country, name, color, city, fruit, etc. starting with that letter. With 20 Questions, children come up with the most creative things for everyone to guess such as dragons and fairies or characters on their favorite TV shows.

Creating TikToks with the family can be a great bonding activity. Try choreographing dances together or lip syncing your favorite lines from a TikTok audio.“

—Sandra Aris, Los Angeles, CEO of Sandra Aris Inc., mother of three girls, ages eight, 12, and 14.


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