Baby Shower Gifts


The Best Baby Shower Gifts

I love attending a baby shower. It is so fun to watch the new mom open gifts and find out what she’ll get blessed with before the baby comes or after.

Recently we partnered with a really cool brand Sandra Aris for padded pants. When I first saw the Super Star padded pants, I thought they were so cool. I really like the La View En Rose protective pants too. This would make for a wonderful gift idea!

Another place that I loved partnering with is Baby Jack and company. This company makes fun stuff for babies. Such as this Ohio State Crinkle Toy. We are foster parents and had a little guy in care. When he used this toy, he loved it so much that he got to take it with him when he went home. Such a fun product and helps keep babies busy.

We hope you enjoyed finding two of our favorite products!

What are you looking forward to with your upcoming shower?


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