5 Budget Shopping Tips for Back to School Clothing

With back-to-school starting soon, families are looking for ways to get their kids’ closets ready for the new school year, while staying within a tighter budget due to rising costs living.

Budget Shopping Tips for Back to School Clothing

Here are a few budget tips from Sandra Aris, CEO of Sandra Aris, to helps families save money while shopping for the new school year.

Make money for new clothes

If a pair of jeans, jacket, or shoes has been passed down through every kid in the family, or even if you have any only child and they’ve grown too big, taking clothes to a re-sale place can help fund a new back to school wardrobe.

This can mean going to a re-sale store in person, or putting them up for sale on places such as Facebook Marketplace, can put more cash in your wallet to help pay for new items.

Pass it down

While younger kids might dread the older clothes they get from siblings, having kids pass down the outfits they’ve grown out of can seriously save money. Take advantage of having clothes on hand that younger kids may grow into, or may already fit in.

Instead of buying them an entirely new wardrobe, you can just pick out a few new items that can get them excited. They’ll still be wearing clothes they’ve never had on before, but their wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Look for versatile clothing when you shop

Avoid items that are likely only to be worn once or twice. Specific occasions like picture day and awards can still call for a special outfit but aim to shop and give kids a versatile wardrobe. While more expensive, denim is very versatile. Purchasing 2 or 3 good pairs of jeans that can be used from day to night can make a big difference.

Parents of younger kids should especially look for these items. Sandra Aris creates pants for babies and toddlers just learning to walk and crawl that have innovative pads (found in motocross gear) in the knee and butt areas. The lightweight, machine washable pants can be used to protect them from falls outside and are still cute enough to wear out to dinner.

Buy a size up

It’s important to be sure your kids’ clothes fit, but many kids grow like weeds! Take advantage of items like t-shirts and even shoes which can be bought a little bigger to avoid having to replace them within months for a different size.

In the winter, kids can wear thick socks to fit into shoes that aren’t their exact size yet, jeans can be purchased with a belt and the bottoms can be rolled, etc. Figure out what items can be worn a bit bigger to save your budget from breaking while still ensuring kids feel comfortable and confident in their clothes.

Prep for the next season

While the summer heat is here, consider looking for winter clothes and jackets now. Many stores will have a large discount for out of season clothing that parents should take advantage of now.

It might be hard to estimate how much your kid will grow by the time those clothes are in season but buy a size or two ahead to be safe and you can easily have a new wardrobe for kids at a cheaper cost.

Back to school shopping is a special time for kids. It can help parents learn more about their kids’ developing personalities and be a great way to make memories.

Instead of stressing about the inflated costs this year, parents can take these few extra steps to enjoy quality shopping time with kids while still helping them feel confident for the new school year.

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